There is a first for everything

by scartabello

*deep sigh* …..Here goes, my first blog post.

It has taken me a long time to actually start writing a blog. Do not get me wrong, I have started many blogs. In fact, before you stands the master of all blog starters and this since 2005.  But, as so many of us, I stranded at writing that first post. Faced with the cruel and arrogant glare of that unattractive white page, I was repeatedly overcome by a lack of purpose. No amounts of coffee or chocolate for that matter could offer an answer to that quintessential question why. So I  cowardly proceeded surrendering my virtual pen within hours of picking just the right lay-out catering my current taste.

What has changed you might wonder. What made me take the plunge and actually do it?  Let me tell you: I joined twitter, aka micro-blogs designed for people with short attention spans.  Reasoning behind it was that If I could handle tweeting and develop a feel for it, then I may go back to blogging. Much like getting a pet gold fish as a test drive before getting a dog or a baby.

I kept my twitter handle as title of my blog because I’ve grown fond of that name. For those who wonder, kattebel is a old cute Dutch word meaning short note, post-it, a reminder to oneself. It allegedly comes from the  Italian word scartabello. Scartabello at its turn is the first person singular – bear with me – of the verb scartabellare meaning to glance through, to skim through.

Hence the blog’s purpose: skimming through piles of news on the EU, seeking topics that are of interest to me and that I would like to develop. It could be philosophical, it could be cloak and dagger or very practical  but that remains to be seen.

A final little note of gratitude to my dear twitter friend Chaos Theory who pushed me to take this plunge. The theme of this blog is chosen in his honour.

On to the real work…